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Police respond to shooting in Dagestan – media

Gunshots have been reported in the capital of the southern Russian republic

Russian security forces have been deployed to the streets of Makhachkala, the capital of the Republic of Dagestan, after reports of multiple shots fired in the city center.

Videos circulating on Telegram channels showed police telling bystanders to disperse or take cover as they set up roadblocks on two streets in the city center on Tuesday evening. Eyewitnesses reported hearing at least five gunshots.

According to the Telegram channel Shot, two men dressed all in black opened fire on a patrolling police officer before fleeing.

Following the reports on social media, however, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan issued a statement denying that there had been an active shooter.

“An eyewitness reported that he saw an armed man in the area of ​​​​University Square. Several police squads were immediately dispatched and the area was cordoned off,” the ministry said. “A thorough check of the square and the surrounding area was carried out, with the involvement of service dogs. The report was not confirmed. Everything is calm.”

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The incident comes less than 48 hours after a series of terrorist attacks in Dagestan, including on the police post in Makhachkala, in which up to 25 people died.

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