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Putin announces new security measures in Russia

The president has ordered new steps related to hostilities with Kiev, including imposing martial law in the recently-joined regions

Russia is overhauling the way its federal and regional governments operate due to the continued threat posed by Ukraine and the need for a more efficient response to it, President Vladimir Putin announced on Wednesday.

Speaking at a meeting of the Russian National Security Council, Putin announced signing several documents detailing the policy changes that he wants in place. He also reiterated accusations against Kiev, stating that it uses “terrorist methods” against Russia.

Ukrainian forces “sabotage crucial infrastructure and stage assassinations of local officials. Just like their ideological forefathers – [Stepan Bandera’s] Hitler collaborators – they try to create a criminal underworld, send sabotage teams on our soil,” Putin explained.

He claimed that Russian law enforcement officials have prevented several planned attacks on “mass gatherings, transport and energy facilities,” including a nuclear power plant.

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from RT – Daily news

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