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ROSATOM announced the Impact Team 2050

The Impact Team 2050, the global partnership with youth to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals, was launched at the Global Impact Conference

Moscow, Dec. 1, 2021. – Director General of ROSATOM Mr. Alexey Likhachev announced the initiative of a youth advisory board at the Global Impact Conference 2021, a case-study event which gathered innovators, leading experts from global businesses, international and non-profit organisations to perform UN Sustainable Development Goals.

‘For me, one of the major themes of the Global Impact Conference was the role of youth in sustainable transformation of the world’, said Alexey Likhachev. ‘Despite their tender age, these days young people are vigorous, ever-ready to take responsibility and actively search for solutions to global challenges. For us, it is crucial to build partnerships with young visionaries. […] We hear the voices of young people and understand their needs. It means that we are open to a dialogue and eager to work together on our global strategy and to deliver a joint impact on the future. Therefore, I believe, it would be a sound and timely resolution of this conference to establish an international youth advisory council “Impact Team 2050”. I am convinced that our global partnership with the younger generation will become a driving force of positive change around the world!’

Impact Team 2050 will introduce their youth vision for the future of the green agenda, promote and foster youth-driven sustainable solutions from around the globe and prepare recommendations to make the labour market better focused on the demands of youth.

For Impact Team 2050, mutual trust between the younger generation and ROSATOM’s leadership will become a pillar for their partnership in transition to the sustainable future. Regular meetings of the Impact Team 2050 are expected to take place at least twice a year.

Anyone with practical experience and vision for sustainable solutions, aged 18 to 25, can become a Member of the Impact Team 2050 run in cooperation with ROSATOM. Young people will have a deep dive into our internal corporate processes, communication, project management, preparation of youth-led analytical reports and advisory for ROSATOM’s ESG Strategy.

‘I am sure that previous generations did not face such serious challenges: climate, energy, resources – if we don’t solve that it would lead us to complete extinction so it would not be necessary to deal with any other issues in the future. Globally, people should partner to find common solutions to these drastic challenges,’ said Esther Wojcicki, an American journalist and educator, the ‘The Woj Way’ author and a panelist of the GIC 2021 roundtable ‘Time to Build Trust: What if Global Corporations and Youth Meet Halfway?’

We are excited to invite young people to become a part of the Impact Team 2050 on https://team.rosatomimpact.com/ and submit their impact video stories before March 1, 2022 to be published on our partnered career platform for students and graduates Jobby.ai for public voting. The candidates will also go through an essay contest and interviews. The First Impact Team 2050 Meeting will be held on the sidelines of the International Youth Nuclear Congress in Sochi in 2022.
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