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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Russia can help solve global energy crisis – DR Congo envoy

Africa is looking to Moscow for new strategies and technologies in the sector, Ivan Vangu Ngimbi has told RT

The world is facing a protracted energy crisis, but Moscow is a reliable source of information and technologies to solve the problem, the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s ambassador to Russia has said in an interview to RT.

On the sidelines of the ‘Russian Energy Week’ forum on Wednesday, Ivan Vangu Ngimbi said that African countries were attending the venue to gain the necessary insights for the development of energy sovereignty and security.

“Judging by the analysis and projections of today, the world will face three major crises in the future regarding food, climate and energy. The Russian energy week is dedicated to the matters of the energy crisis. We’re interested in coming here to listen, watch, and learn about objectives, major projects and strategies that must be adopted,” he stated.


According to the Ngimbi, the reasons behind the energy crisis “are well-known.”

“A small part of the world monopolizes everything and thus makes all others suffer,” he stated, referring to Western countries that dominate the energy market and set conditions for energy flows. However, there are also “major strategies and projects” dedicated to ensuring energy accessibility, and many of them are taking root in Russia, he said.

The envoy noted that the forum also offers unique business opportunities “to create our own facilities in the future.”

“We see that new technologies are being developed, we would like to use them for the benefit of our countries,” he concluded.


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The 6th annual ‘Russian Energy Week’ forum kicked off in Moscow on Monday, October 9, and will run through Friday, October 13. Over 4,000 guests from more than 60 countries are expected to attend. This year’s forum is dedicated to the new energy realities, and features discussions on the formation of global prices for energy supplies and raw materials, the development of the global oil industry, climate change, and the use of digital technologies in the fuel and energy sector.

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October 12, 2023 at 10:23PM

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