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Russia mulling minimum beer prices – Izvestia   

The initiative reportedly covers cafes and restaurants that sell cheap alcohol

Russia could set minimum prices for draft beer in a bid to crack down on businesses that are bypassing a ban on alcohol sales after 11pm, the Izvestia newspaper reported on Monday.   

The initiative to set a minimum price for beer on tap was put forward by the Ministry of Industry and Trade last week, and concerns establishments such as cafes and restaurants.   

Currently, small cafes in residential areas have the right to sell low-strength alcoholic beverages around the clock due to their status as catering facilities. The outlet noted that this helps cafe owners bypass the ban on businesses selling alcohol from 11pm to 8am.   


According to officials, some of these establishments disturb local residents by hosting late-night gatherings.   

“The introduction of minimum retail prices for low-alcohol products sold by the glass may well become a mechanism that would reduce the desire of careless consumers to gather at night at these establishments and disturb the peace of citizens,” a Trade Ministry representative told the outlet.   

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Small cafes are currently permitted to sell beer on tap for 70–80 rubles (about $0.80) per liter. Lawmakers believe that the cost of drinks would go up with the introduction of minimum prices, reducing the number of clients at such establishments.

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