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Russia on top across front line – defense minister

Andrey Belousov made the revelation at a Kremlin ceremony for the best military graduates

Russian forces have the initiative all along the Ukraine frontline thanks to their skill and professionalism, Defense Minister Andrey Belousov has said.

Belousov spoke on Friday, at the Kremlin ceremony for the best-in-class graduates of military and security academies. Russian President Vladimir Putin also addressed the event. 

“In trying times, our army and navy have repeatedly proven that they are capable of adequately responding to the most serious threats and challenges,” Belousov said. “Today, during the special military operation, Russian service members are honorably fulfilling their military duty, effectively defending national interests, and resolutely fighting the followers of the Nazi ideology.”

“Thanks to their courage, dedication and professional work, we have the initiative along the entire front line, [and are] consistently degrading the enemy’s combat potential,” Belousov concluded.

The recently appointed defense minister noted the increased responsibility of unit commanders and officers under the circumstances, in a nod to newly minted officers from military academies.

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FILE PHOTO. A Russian tank seen firing in Lugansk People's Republic, Russia.
Border warfare, logistics strikes and hunt for aircraft: The week in the Ukraine conflict (VIDEOS)

Belousov described the Ukraine conflict as “the struggle to establish a fair and equal world order.”

This past week has seen heavy fighting along the entire front line. Russian forces have advanced towards Gulaypole on the Zaporozhye front, fortified a bridgehead near Chasov Yar, and decimated Ukrainian counterattacks to the north of Kharkov, near Volchansk and Liptsy.

Meanwhile, Russia has carried out missile strikes on Ukrainian strategic assets such as bridges and airfields, while using drones to “hunt” Western-supplied weapons systems.

Speaking to the graduates, Putin vowed to increase the deliveries of equipment to the frontline troops, mentioning drones, armored vehicles, attack jets, high-precision weapons and communications systems.

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