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Russian government resigns

The legally-mandated reshuffle coincides with the inauguration of Vladimir Putin as president

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and the cabinet resigned on Tuesday, as required by law when a new president is sworn in.

Vladimir Putin has taken the presidential oath, officially beginning his fifth term in office. Government ministers will retain their jobs in an acting capacity. Mishustin was appointed prime minister in January 2020, replacing Dmitry Medvedev.

On Monday, Putin met the entire cabinet to thank them for their work and sum up their accomplishments. The Russian government “has achieved significant results” in most areas, the president said.

The upcoming 18th cabinet of post-Soviet Russia is to be formed a bit differently from the previous one. A 2020 constitutional reform empowers the parliament to confirm every minister nominated by the executive branch, as opposed to approving only the prime minister.

The law allows several weeks for the process, which can end in a snap parliamentary election, should lawmakers repeatedly reject candidates for prime minister. In practice, transitions have been smooth since the constitutional crisis of 1998.

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This time the selection of the new government is expected to be swift, but the Kremlin has not indicated who Putin is considering for the premiership. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday that the president may announce his choice of prime minister later in the day. Valentina Matvienko, who heads the upper chamber of the Russian parliament, said she expects lawmakers to have a full list of the proposed cabinet by May 15.

In addition to cabinet members, the mandatory reshuffle affects a number of other senior officials, such as the president’s chief-of-staff and press secretary, the secretary of the Russian Security Council, and presidential liaisons to Russian federal districts.

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