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Russian investigators attacked by Ukrainian drone

The raid in Bryansk Region has injured two on-duty operatives, with another two concussed, officials have said

A group of employees of Russia’s Investigative Committee have come under a drone bombardment in the Bryansk region, which borders Ukraine, with several people injured, the agency has said.

In a statement on Saturday, the Committee said that an unmanned Ukrainian aircraft had dropped an explosive device on its agents who were conducting investigative activities in Starodub district. It did not give any detail on the operatives’ mission in the area.

Officials said that an investigator and a forensic expert were injured, with another two unspecified employees sustaining shell-shock. The injured are receiving all the necessary medical treatment, the statement added.

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The Investigative Committee said that it will “establish the identities of Ukrainian nationalists and military personnel involved in committing this crime against the employees,” promising to come up with a proper legal assessment for the attack.

Bryansk region and other areas where Russia borders Ukraine regularly come under Kiev’s drone and artillery strikes, many of which target civilians and residential buildings. The city of Belgorod has come under particularly intense attacks in recent months, with more than two dozen persons killed in a single December shelling.

Against this backdrop, Russian President Vladimir Putin signaled in January that Moscow would do its best to establish a demilitarized zone large enough to guarantee that Kiev would not be able to attack border cities.

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