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Russian warships launch exercises in Far East (VIDEO)

Dozens of navy vessels, aircraft, and helicopters will take part in the drills, the Defense Ministry has said

Russia’s Pacific Fleet is deploying forces as part of planned exercises in the Far East. The drills will involve dozens of vessels, aircraft, and helicopters, the Defense Ministry reported on Monday.  

According to a statement, the Pacific Fleet’s Primorsky Flotilla will conduct maneuvers with the joint command of troops and forces in the northeast of Russia. Marine corps units and combat crews tasked with manning the Bal and Bastion coastal missile systems will also take part.  

Russian sailors will train in repelling attacks by UAVs and unmanned boats, as well as conducting combat training exercises, anti-submarine operations, and launching joint missile strikes against naval groups of a mock enemy, the ministry said.  

Around 40 warships, boats, and support vessels and about 20 naval aircraft and helicopters will participate in the drills, which will take place between June 18 and 28, the Defense Ministry revealed.   

The exercises will be conducted in the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan, and the Sea of Okhotsk under the leadership of the commander of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral Viktor Liina.  

Last week, a four-vessel task force from the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet sailed into Havana, Cuba, on a long-range expedition intended to “show the flag” and “ensure a naval presence in operationally important areas,” according to the Defense Ministry.

Leading the group was the missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov, along with the Yasen-class nuclear-powered submarine Kazan, two of Russia’s most modern naval assets. The Russian flotilla, which also includes the oil tanker Pashin and the salvage tug Nikolay Chiker, reached Cuba last Wednesday.

June 18, 2024 at 02:46PM

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