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Tom Holland Spider-Man star to play screen legend Fred Astaire in new biopic

British actor Tom Holland has said he will star filmmaker Fred Astaire in the upcoming Sony biopic song, best remembered for dancing and singing with Ginger Rogers in many genres, including Top Hat and Swing Time.

Known as one of the greatest dancers ever, Astaire had a seventeen-year film career on stage at Broadway and West End.
“I’m playing Fred Astaire. The script came in last week. I haven’t read it yet. They haven’t given it to me,” Holland said.

“Amy Pascal has a text,” he said, referring to Spider-Man producer Pascal. “She’s FaceTime me before. I was in the bathtub and we had a lovely FaceTime.”

Holland was speaking at a photocall of Spider-Man: No Way Home which he attended with his colleague Zendaya in London on Sunday (Dec 5). These are in love.

The two talked about their love for what they called the Spider-Man family. Zendaya, who plays Mary Jane in the film, said she was thrilled to meet Holland while working on the film.

The two are in love with real life and the latest story on the big screen, surrounding the real identity of Spider-Man is revealed for the first time.
“One of the most important parts of all this is that I got to meet Tom Holland. So I am very grateful to Spider-Man for that. And he is obviously very talented and a lovable person,” Zendaya said.

Holland, 25, is in his third Spider-Man film and talked about six years ago, saying Spider-Man was a big part of his life he can’t remember the time before he played the role.

The film is already doing well in pre-British office sales, but Holland said the epidemic means the pressure for the film to succeed is different this year.

“People may not be comfortable going to the theater and it’s okay, if it’s your right I will support that,” he said.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits cinema screens in Singapore on Dec 16.

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