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UFC star says he would have ‘failed as a man’ if he had gay son

UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland has inflamed social media after stating that he would consider himself a ‘failure’ if he had a gay son

Sean Strickland, who has emerged as one of the UFC’s more controversial figures in recent months, says that he would consider himself a ‘failure as a man’ if he raised a homosexual son in a string of tweets overnight.

The Californian, who is currently in the midst of a five-fight win streak which has thrust him into the title picture at 185-pounds, has risen from relative obscurity to become one of the UFC’s most contentious mouthpieces.

But while the likes of Chael Sonnen and Colby Covington harnessed the mic to build their own careers towards world title opportunities, Strickland’s are more likely to set off alarm bells in the UFC’s PR department.

Earlier this year, the 30-year-old admitted that he would like nothing more” than to kill one of his opponents inside of the cage, adding that “being a psychopath” is “f*ckng fun“.


He also recently opened up on his disturbing background in which he was raised in a neo-Nazi environment, something he says that he is glad he managed to emerge from unscathed.

But the 24-3 fighter, who is set to return to the Octagon in early February against Jack Hermansson, rarely strays too far from the type of comments which attract deluges of criticism on social media, and he has again inflamed tensions with a spate of tweets regarding the homosexual community. 

If I had a gay son I would think I failed as a man to create such weakness,” Strickland wrote in response to a fan question. “If I had a wh*re for a daughter I’d think she just wanted to be like her dad lol!!

The statement led to a spate of criticism and prompted Strickland to clarify his comments in a separate tweet.

“LISTEN gay men are great, I support them and their choices,” he wrote. “Freedom! Gay guys have it made. Most gay guys I know are always happy. They all just get to hang with buddies all day and have sex.. us straight men, we’re f*cked… we gotta do some serious work to get laid. Not fair.”

Stickland’s follow-up tweet, which was apparently designed as a form of damage control, did little to quell the torrent of criticism aimed at him.

Did you make a bet with someone to see how quickly you would get kicked off Twitter or something?” responded one fan, referencing the fact that Strickland’s views have already led to his Instagram account being shut down.

Projecting, you are so deep in the closet you are finding Christmas presents,” said another, while a third responder suggested that Strickland doesn’t possess an ounce of the same type of grit that some of the United States’ homosexual war veterans do.

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UFC fighter Sean Strickland has bloodlust © Trevor MacMillan / USA Today Sports via Reuters | © Instagram / strickland_mma
‘If I could just kill a human being, it would make me feel good’: UFC ace Strickland admits to ‘fantasizing’ about murder

I served with men in Afghanistan who were gay, and you can’t hold a candle to the strength they possess,” he wrote.

UFC boss Dana White has yet to make any moves to silence Strickland throughout his recent run of controversy, but has strongly hinted on numerous occasions that he and his company stand in opposition to the ‘Cancel Culture’ movement which, in theory at least, would seek to muzzle the type of outspoken comments Strickland has uttered so far this year.

White, though, has also gone on record over the years in his desire for fighters under his employ to not attract any negative publicity towards him or the UFC, and to dispel the myth that MMA fighters are little more than braindead brawlers whose only real skill in life is exchanging brain trauma with one another.

If Strickland keeps winning it will become increasingly difficult to resist handing him a world title shot – and would White and the UFC risk the potential PR banana skin of having one of their champions referred to in the media as an ex neo-Nazi who dreams of killing people in the cage, and who engages in the types of Twitter exchanges that he does?

Time will tell. 

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