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Ukraine-based game developers ‘hope for the best’

‘Stalker’ developer GSC Game World and two Ubisoft studios, among others, speak out amid ongoing situation in Ukraine

A number of video game developers based in Ukraine have taken to social media to speak out amidst the ongoing Russian military operation in the country.

‘Stalker’ developer GSC Game World wrote that “the future is unknown,” and they “hope for the best,” calling on supporters to “not stand aside and help those in need.”

Ubisoft, which has two studios in the country – one in the capital Kiev and one in the port city of Odessa – issued a statement saying that it is concerned with the safety and wellbeing of its team members and is doing everything possible to provide assistance and aid to all employees.

Another Ukrainian-based developer, Frogwares, has said that the bulk of their team are in Kiev and are reporting public unrest and commotion in the streets as people are stocking up on supplies and leaving the city. A company spokesperson told Kotaku that “As the situation keeps changing, Frogwares and the team are watching and adapting as needed. Work has slowed or stopped entirely within certain teams as individual employees set about doing what they need to do to ensure their safety first. Others logged in to at least have something to do / be able to talk to their colleagues and allow themselves some sort of distraction.”

Other video game developers outside of Ukraine have also been speaking out in response to the situation, with many announcing they will be sending a part of their proceeds to various charities and organizations.


Polish studio 11 Bit’s, known for ‘This War of Mine’ said all proceeds from the game’s sale will be sent to the Ukrainian Red Cross next week, and GOG said it will also donate a cut of its sales to the organization. 

Destiny maker Bungie said it will donate to humanitarian efforts as part of its Game2Give program.

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