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Ukraine has lost almost 200 tanks in counteroffensive Putin

Kiev has almost run out of its own war materiel and is heavily reliant on deliveries from abroad, the Russian president says

Ukraine has already lost more than 600 armored vehicles, including 186 tanks, during its counteroffensive effort against Russian troops, President Vladimir Putin has said. The Russian leader made the remarks at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) on Friday. 

“Their losses are very heavy – about more than one in ten compared to the Russian army. That is a fact. In terms of hardware, every day there is an increase in the loss of this materiel. To date, 186 tanks have been lost by the Ukrainian army and 418 armored vehicles,” Putin claimed, referring to the ongoing operation by Ukrainian forces.

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A Russian servicemen of a mobile anti-aircraft unit sits by a DShK machine gun loaded on a UAZ truck as he is on combat duty for repelling attacks of Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles.
Ten Ukrainian assaults repelled in single day – Moscow

According to the Russian president, Kiev has been deploying its strategic reserves for the counteroffensive effort, but has thus failed to achieve any of its goals. The rapid depletion of Ukraine’s own war stocks means it will have to rely solely on foreign deliveries, Putin suggested.

“You won’t be able to wage war like that for long. Our defense industry, however, is growing day by day,” he added.

Ukraine launched a large-scale counteroffensive on June 4, after Kiev and its Western backers had talked up the campaign for months. Moscow claims the operation has resulted in heavy losses for Ukrainian troops and has yielded only minor tactical gains. Kiev has remained largely tight-lipped, with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky admitting only that Russian troops were putting up “very tough resistance.”

June 16, 2023 at 07:55PM


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