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Friday, December 9, 2022

Ukraine launches artillery assault on Donetsk

The latest attack hit the city just ahead of President Zelensky’s speech at the UNSC

The Ukrainian military targeted residential areas of Donetsk with heavy artillery late on Wednesday, with the shells reportedly striking multiple districts of the city. At least ten 155mm shells were fired from the Ukrainian-controlled outskirts of the city around 11:30 pm, according to local observers. 

A RIA Novosti correspondent confirmed hearing three separate blasts in different areas of Donetsk. Footage recorded by eyewitnesses captured the sound of explosions, while pictures from the scene shared on social media showed several houses and vehicles damaged during the late-evening attack.

So far, no information on potential casualties among civilians has emerged.


The attack followed a series of smaller artillery strikes earlier in the day, and came shortly before the extraordinary session of the UN Security Council, during which Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky accused Russia of being a “terrorist state” for targeting Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

The city of Donetsk has been subjected to artillery and missile attacks by the Ukrainian forces on an almost daily basis since February amid the ongoing conflict, following years of sporadic shellings after the 2014 coup in Kiev. While rarely commenting on such activities, Kiev usually blames Russian forces, which are in control of the city, for having shelled it themselves.

Donetsk, the capital city of its namesake republic, has recently joined Russia along with three other formerly Ukrainian territories following referendums held in late September. Kiev, as well as its Western backers, have rejected the referendums as “sham” polls, refusing to recognize their outcome.


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