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Ukraine must enhance security after ‘terrorist act’ on Russian consulate – Moscow

The Russian consulate in the Western Ukrainian city of Lvov reported that an unknown assailant threw a Molotov cocktail at its entrance on Friday.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has called it a “terrorist act.”

The bottle containing a flammable liquid started a fire and jeopardized the security of the diplomatic mission, to said in a damning statement on Friday, adding that this “dangerous incident” was an “outright violation” of the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.

“It is clear that this outrageous and unacceptable act has become a result of stirring up Russophobic hysteria in Ukraine and incitement to hatred against the Russian Federation,” the ministry’s statement said.

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The consulate then demanded that Ukrainian authorities enhance its security. The Russian Foreign Ministry also summoned Ukraine’s temporary charge d’affaires and lodged a note of protest over the incident.

The Ukrainian police said that a probe had been launched into the incident, which resulted in “no injuries” and no property damage. The police have classified the incident as “hooliganism.”

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