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WATCH: Drug smugglers burning $30mn stash rescued mid-sea

A group of Iranians suspected of smuggling hashish, heroin and other drugs off the coast of Oman have been handed to authorities by the US Navy, who say they rescued the suspects from their burning vessel.

Huge plumes of smoke apparently smelling of hashish were seen rising off the waters in the Gulf of Oman on Wednesday. The suspected smugglers are believed to have set their ship on fire, after they noticed a US Navy vessel approaching them, the US 5th Fleet announced.

Aerial surveillance footage captured people on board a traditional ship, called a dhow, pouring a liquid, likely an accelerant, over their cargo. An explosion then rocked the vessel, emitting heavy smoke.

When the US Navy, which was conducting an anti-narcotics patrol in the area, reached the ship, it discovered a large stash of drugs. Over 1,745 kilograms (3,847 pounds) of hashish, 500kg of methamphetamine and 30kg of heroin were found on the burnt vessel.

The Navy valued what remained of the drug stash at $14.7 million. This was only half of the cargo that the dhow was originally carrying, with the rest having burnt or sunk, according to a spokesperson for the US fleet.

Five injured men who identified themselves as Iranians were rescued by sailors, while one man from the boat remains missing. Having been given medical treatment, the suspected smugglers were handed over to the Omani authorities.

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