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WATCH Russian forces hit Ukrainian command post with powerful airstrike

Moscow’s aircraft have dropped four bombs weighing half a ton each on buildings used by Kiev’s troops

A Ukrainian command post has been razed to the ground in a high-precision Russian strike involving four powerful aerial bombs, a video circulating on social networks has shown. Footage published on a Russian Telegram channel covering the conflict purports to show the attack in the Kherson Region.

The clip, apparently recorded from a drone, shows a cluster of low-story buildings being rocked by four consecutive explosions taking place within mere seconds and covering the area in plumes of thick gray smoke and clouds of dust. The bombs appear to be falling right next to each other, hitting their target with high precision.

The video ends by showing the strike’s aftermath, with the structures apparently either leveled or reduced to ruins. Ukrainian casualties linked to the strike remain unclear.

According to the Russian media, four FAB-500 aerial bombs were used in the attack. Recently, Russian forces have been equipping free-fall bombs with guidance modules, turning them into high-precision glide weapons.

Weighing half a ton and packing some 200 kilograms of explosives, the FAB-series bombs were designed to destroy an enemy’s defenses or fortifications as well as military industrial facilities. Their strong hull is capable of penetrating ceiling joists in multistory buildings while keeping the bomb relatively intact.

The Russian Defense Ministry has not commented on the video and the media claims so far.

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Another video, which surfaced on social media the day before, showed the Russian military dropping a rare FAB-3000 heavy bomb on a Ukrainian special operations unit’s position in the frontline village of Liptsy in the northeastern Kharkov Region. Up to 70 Ukrainian service members were reportedly killed in that attack.

Moscow’s forces have been making steady gains in the Donbass over the past several months. In early May, Russian troops also launched an offensive in Kharkov Region, capturing around a dozen settlements within weeks. President Vladimir Putin said the thrust was a response to routine shelling of Russian civilian infrastructure in the border regions, requiring the creation of a “sanitary zone.”

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