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WATCH Ukraine’s rare Western-supplied hardware destroyed (VIDEOS)

Online footage shows the destruction of multiple military vehicles that Kiev received from abroad

The Russian military has destroyed several rare examples of Ukraine’s Western-supplied military hardware, including a Norwegian-made NASAMS anti-aircraft system and a Swedish-made Archer self-propelled howitzer, footage online suggests.

Multiple aerial videos showing suicide drone and artillery strikes on Ukraine’s military hardware have emerged over the past few days, as Russian troops continue their advance in Donbass following the recent liberation of the key town of Avdeevka, as well as in other locations along the frontline.

The destruction of the NASAMS system was confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry on Monday. The ministry said the launcher was destroyed in the Zaporozhye Region. While the military did not provide any details, footage of the strike which emerged earlier in the day indicated the launcher was likely hit by a guided projectile fired by a Russian Tornado-S multiple rocket launcher system.

The anti-aircraft system was detected by a surveillance drone and stuck as it was preparing to leave the location. The strike resulted in a large fire, which cooked off the anti-aircraft missiles inside the launcher, the video appears to show. It is the second NASAMS to be destroyed by Russian forces, with the first taken out earlier this month.

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Another video which emerged online Monday shows a rare Swedish-made Archer self-propelled artillery system targeted by a Lancet-family kamikaze drone. Eight of the vehicles had been supplied to Ukraine by November last year.

The destruction of the system is the first loss of an Archer in Ukraine’s inventory. Infrared footage of the strike suggests the vehicle sustained a direct hit, suffering the secondary detonation of its ammo stock.

The Russian military has also destroyed a German-made Panzerhaubitze 2000 self-propelled armored howitzer, a video which surfaced online Tuesday shows.

The howitzer was reportedly detected by a surveillance drone to the north of Donetsk, some 20km away from the frontline, and promptly destroyed.

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