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WATCH Ukrainian Su-27s get wiped out at airfield by Russian strike

Ballistic missiles apparently carrying cluster munitions were used in the barrage, according to footage

A Russian missile strike has destroyed five Ukrainian military jets and damaged two more, the Defense Ministry in Moscow reported on Tuesday.

The military released a short video showing the attack and its aftermath filmed from the air. Iskander-M tactical missiles carrying cluster munitions appeared to be used in the strike, judging by multiple simultaneous explosions on the ground.

The target was an airfield southeast of the town of Mirgorod in Ukraine’s Poltava Region. The location in central Ukraine is relatively far from the front line, but is well within the estimated 400km range of Iskander ballistic missiles.

A different version of the same video was circulated on Russian social media on Monday evening, including more footage and markings highlighting the Ukrainian military hardware. Images of fighter jets painted on the ground as decoys for spy satellites can be seen in the clip near actual Ukrainian military assets.

According to the Defense Ministry, the aircraft hit in the strike were Sukhoi Su-27s, which were either stationed at the Mirgorod airfield or were undergoing repairs there.

July 02, 2024 at 12:18PM

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