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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Ban capturing film visuals in Theatres: A Social Injustice

The implementation of a law or such provision that prevents people from capturing the visuals of films in theaters is the need of the hour. Leaked images and videos from movies ruin the labor of the makers and give spoilers that tarnish the overall experience of the viewers, who spent a significant portion of their income to get a glimpse of enjoyment in their hectic lives but always left theaters disappointed.

This problem has harsh consequences for the future, due to which people lost trust in going to theaters after they could afford the same content circulating on social media handles. The leak of spoilers for the film makes the concerned film less attractive, and the same is happened with Tiger 3, and now the latest victim is the Animal film, as people have revealed a lot about the film on social media platforms.

Next, the concerned ministry and department should also take steps to eliminate pirated websites that offer people films at no cost at their homes within 1-2 days of their release. Pirated sites are another reason behind the dropping popularity of theaters and movies among the masses, as mediocre and low-budget films lacking VFX or technical efforts don’t work well at the box office because people prefer to watch them at home through pirated sites.

If this problem persists, it can badly affect the Bharatiya film industry and the people associated with it. The people working in the film industry, whether as actors, directors, writers, or other support staff, are at severe risk of losing their employment. An average film offers employment to 500 people, and most interestingly, the movie industry offers employment to over 2 million people in Bharat. People associated with the films, whether performing roles(small or big), as dancers, crew members, and support staff, all receive a livelihood for their labor. As well as the people employed in theatres also lose employement if the people keeps boycotting the films.


There is an immense need to find a suitable solution to this problem, as it serves injustice to the filmmakers and audience. In 2022, the film Samrat Prithviraj’s makers also highlighted this issue, but sadly, no progress has been witnessed till date.

I, on behalf of several hidden voices, sincerely urge the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the Central Board of Film Certification to kindly implement a provision or a law that prohibits this practice and ensures justice to the makers and the masses.

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