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"In the Lord we trust..." 
When I read that devotional inscription 
on a paper dollar 
sixty cents, I always get the feeling, 
that it's quivering and whimpering in 
religious ecstasy. This is our 
official motto. The real one, as you can see, 
is quite different: "When we want something, we go and get it!" 

Mark Twain, 100 years ago

Three months ago, the Security Service of Ukraine, controlled by President Zelensky, charged me in absentia with treason for my anti-war posts in social networks and interviews: they were assessed as extremely dangerous for the current government in Ukraine. Therefore, this article will be full of quotes from famous people, whom I (with their tacit consent) take as witnesses of my objectivity and rightness – I think that the Ukrainian security service will not dare to bring a similar stupid accusation against all of them.

So, the first aggravation of relations between Ukraine and Russia began long before 2022, back in 2004-2005, after the “soft” coup, when the first elected president Viktor Yanukovych was not recognized as president by the crowd in the central square of Kiev (Maidan) and the Supreme Court of Ukraine and was forced to concede victory to his rival, a protégé of the United States, Viktor Yushchenko. It was then that the massive penetration of clearly anti-Russian politicians (Yatsenyuk, Zvarych, Hrytsenko, Nalyvaychenko, Bilozir, Lutsenko, Tymoshenko) into the offices of power began; it was then that Soros wrapped his web of foundations and various non-governmental organizations around the system of mass media, education, culture, judiciary, justice; in parallel, he gave the green light to lobbying activities in Ukraine of various structures such as USAID, Transparency International, etc. It was then that the history of Ukraine began to be rewritten, and the people of Ukraine themselves began to be divided – by place of birth (Donbass or Western Ukraine), by language (Russian- or Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainian), by faith (Orthodox Church or Greek Catholic).

Ukraine was fully prepared as an instrument of struggle against Russia, which after the “drunken” Yeltsin’s 1990s was trying to get out from under the influence of the U.S. and to declare not only its subjectivity in the international arena, but also to reapply for a place as one of the leading powers of the world. Undoubtedly, it is impossible to absolve Russia of blame for having “slept through” the formidable Ukrainian “metamorphoses” that were taking place in its neighborhood, and the Ukrainian politicians whom Russia supported at the time turned out to be lazy, stupid, cowardly and greedy, thinking not about the fate of their country, but only about the immense filling of their own pockets.

The country was openly prepared not just for a break with Russia, but for a conflict, including an armed one. After all, it was then that militant nationalist organizations with their own camps, commanders, ideology, trainers and combat weapons, etc. began to be organized, mostly in Western Ukraine.


Ten years later, a nurtured, trained and prepared anti-Russian system, taking advantage of the unprecedented intervention and support of the United States and its allies, seized state power during the Maidan coup.

“In 2014, we overthrew the legally elected president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych. We spent $5 billion dollars through the CIA, USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy to do so. We put in place a puppet leadership that we now know the neoconservatives in the White House, including Victoria Nuland, had chosen 2 months earlier over the phone. And it immediately unleashed a civil war against the Russian population of Donbass, banned the Russian language, killed 14,000 people. And then it organized military exercises with NATO. There were a lot of provocations,” says Robert Francis Kennedy Jr., a candidate for President of the United States, nephew of the famous American President J.F. Kennedy.

I intentionally call the forces that seized power in Ukraine in 2004-2005 and in 2013-2014 “anti-Russian”, because this is the essence of their existence and activity, for this purpose they were helped to come to power. Just do not confuse them with patriotic, real pro-Ukrainian forces – they are absolutely NOT pro-Ukrainian. During their time in power, they have done nothing good for the country and its people, because they are not driven by the idea of establishing and developing a truly independent, socially just, developed and modern state!

Judge for yourself:


Within a few years after the Maidan, Ukraine, once Europe’s 4th largest economy, became its poorest country. More than 80% of elderly Ukrainians are below the poverty line. Every second working person is a poor person. The share of expenses of a Ukrainian family on housing and communal payments is more than half of its monthly income. Each Ukrainian family has become poorer by about 3 times. The country has lost its independence, its own assets and human capital.

Think about it: in 1991, 52 million people lived in Ukraine. By the beginning of 2022 – 34-37 mln. Minus 16-18 mln. people!!! This is like after a devastating war! Add to this the destruction of the banking system, industry, devaluation of the national currency in three times, sharp unjustified growth of the national debt in two times, the loss of deposits of the population and business in banks to the amount of 100 billion, the departure of millions of able-bodied Ukrainians abroad for work. Once again – this is the outcome of the Maidan until 2022, before the war begins.

A few years ago, in my television programs (on the NewsOne and KRT TV channels, which were later closed by Zelensky) and on my YouTube channel, I voiced the then overseas intentions: to make Ukraine a tool that could be used against both enemies and “friends”. The American top brass has never hidden that they consider Russia and China to be their enemies, and the European Union, first of all, to be their “friends” here in Eurasia.

The goals are obvious:


1) destruction (minimum weakening) of the enemy(s);

2) weakening of the European “friends” who have considered themselves independent;

3) reanimation of severely shaken and discredited

international influence and an attempt to restore hegemony;


4) militarization of the world and, as a consequence, superprofits of the military-industrial complex – the main sponsor of power;

5) growth of budgetary military expenditures (another article of superprofits of the military-industrial complex);

6) growth of own economy, including at the expense of destroyed European economy, capture of its markets and displacement of European competitors;

7) strengthening of the dollar, plunging partners into debt dependence;


8) super profits from the sale of resources;

9) leveling of rights and freedoms, in particular freedom of speech, under the noise of the of war;

10) increasing its military contingents around the world;

11) creating a regulated atmosphere of fear;


12) extending the duration of its own power domestically and removing domestic political rivals.

Was it possible to realize what was planned? Partially yes: the tool is there, Europe is on fire, profits are huge, the dollar has strengthened, “friends” are weakened and “tamed”, enemies are weakened.

But back to Ukraine: in 2019, the overwhelming majority of Ukrainians voted for a new face in politics, as it seemed at the time, the honest, talented, professional comic actor Vladimir Zelensky. Of the 73% who voted “for” him, two-thirds voted primarily “against” the consequences of the Maidan and against the previous president, Petro Poroshenko, who came to power as a result of the 2014 Maidan. In addition, Ukrainian citizens hoped that the new president would fulfill his promises and bring peace to Ukraine, end the war in Donbass, destroy corruption, and bring professionals, pro-Ukrainian politicians and specialists to power.

What happened then? President Zelensky had two and a half years to fulfill the Minsk Peace Accords, which he promised to fulfill, to return Donbass, to establish peace, to punish bloody politicians-criminals. For this purpose, the people of Ukraine gave him everything: unprecedented trust, power, the desired deputies and ministers. If he did not like the Minsk agreements (which for some reason he informed everyone only after his election), he had TWO years to fulfill the Paris communiqué signed by himself to implement the peace formula of German President Steinmeier.


But during those two pre-war years he did NOTHING: neither for peace, nor for the people who believed in him, nor for the return of territories, further aggravating the internal division of the country and the loss of sovereignty. Unfortunately, the time that could and should have been used to rebuild and reunify the country has been squandered in vain and irrevocably.

Spanish businessman, industrialist Fernando del Pino Calvo-Sotelo: “Let us not forget that the irresponsible Ukrainian government could have avoided the conflict, but it did not: a week before the Russian operation began, the German chancellor asked Zelensky to proclaim the country’s neutrality and refuse to join NATO. The Ukrainian leader (or rather, the US) refused to fulfill these reasonable conditions.”

The late Silvio Berlusconi: “If I were prime minister, I would not go to talk to Zelensky because we see the devastation of his country and the extermination of soldiers and inhabitants. It was enough to stop the attacks on the two autonomous republics of Donbass and what is happening would never have happened, so I am very negative about the actions of this signor.”

“It is amazing how the president of one of the most corrupt countries in the world instructs Western parliamentarians and they give him a standing ovation. Even by today’s standards of lying, it never ceases to amaze me how a man who orders the arrest of the leader of his country’s democratic opposition, shuts down the media and bans the activities of 11 opposition parties can be portrayed as a freedom fighter,” Fernando del Pino Calvo-Sotelo.


Like many millions of Ukrainians, on February 24, 2022 at about half past five in the morning I woke up to the sounds of explosions in Kiev. I tried as much as possible to push away from myself the idea that war was possible, proceeding from logic, from the balance of possible benefits and possible harm to its participants, but what happened was what happened. What the U.S. and, as it turned out, Russia were preparing for, but tens of millions of normal Ukrainians were not ready for. The war came. Ukraine began to fulfill its assigned “instrumental” role with blood and lives.

“The Ukrainian people are doing the kind of dirty work that we never wanted to do here in the United States,” – Mark Esper, former U.S. Minister of Defense.

About 2 months after it started, the first negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations on a possible peace took place, but… “The speech there was about Ukraine’s neutrality. What was wrong with that? But these talks were cut short. Who would be hindered by Ukraine’s neutrality? …The two sides were already coming to a peace agreement based on the borders that actually existed in 2022 when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson intervened. He came to Kiev and told Zelensky that the West was not ready for peace. And that peace agreements on the terms agreed in Istanbul should not be signed. So the chance for peace was lost! And now the conflict threatens to spread to other European countries,” former Austrian Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache.

U.S. presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, Jr.: “Let’s be honest: this is a U.S. war against Russia, conceived, in fact, for the sake of sacrificing the color of Ukrainian youth in the slaughterhouse of death and destruction for the geopolitical ambitions of the neoconservatives… This means throwing Ukrainians at the Russians. My son fought there, shoulder to shoulder with the Ukrainians, and they lost 300,000 people in the fighting… Now Russians kill Ukrainians at a ratio of either 1:5 or 1:8, depending on what data you believe. It was supposed to be a humanitarian mission – that’s how it was presented to us in the US. But that would mean that the purpose of the mission was to reduce the bloodshed and shorten the duration of the conflict. And every step the US has taken has been to expand the conflict and increase the bloodshed. That is not what we should be doing.”


I’ve always liked Pink Floyd. Lively, honest and deep music. And not just music. Its leader, Roger Waters, on the causes of the war: “The best thing that has happened to them [American bosses] in the last 10 years is the conflict in Ukraine. They let it happen because of the real business benefit. After all, they make money from wars among other things: they produce weapons, sell them and make a profit. It is not you and me or ordinary people who invest in the military industry, but only the bigwigs. And in wartime, their proceeds skyrocket.”

What should be done by the country’s leadership, which really loves and protects the country, not just for show? Everything to stop the war immediately, to sit down at the negotiating table. All these hoarse exclamations, cries of victory and capture-return of territories (in today’s realities) – only to force their people to fight further. Patriotism is a desire and actions aimed at the preservation and development of one’s country and its people, not blindly, or, what is worse, deliberately paid to lead it and its people to slaughter.

The current Ukrainian top brass, however, is convinced that war is the only way to preserve its power.

“A leader who does not think before sending his people to fight is not worthy to be a leader,” said the famous Israeli prime minister Golda Meir (a native of Kiev, by the way).


The conflict as if between two countries immediately turned into a much more global world confrontation. How long will it last? If applied only to Ukraine-Russia, then until the Ukrainian resources (human, material) are worn out as tools of the struggle between the two big countries.

American journalist, writer, lawyer Glenn Greenwald: “Zelensky is fighting a conscript army, not a volunteer army. More and more Ukrainian men are desperate to flee the country because they now realize that similar Western psychopaths want to use them as cannon fodder for their own selfish purposes.”

If we look from a more planetary point of view, then the global conflict seems to last for a long time until one or another system wins. A serious redistribution of the world is taking place due to the weakening of the old hegemon and the strengthening of other large countries that do not want to live by the imposed rules.

Spanish businessman Fernando del Pino Calvo-Sotelo: “Europe will be the biggest loser. It will be too late when she finally understands that she cannot obey the United States like a faithful dog if they have different interests… The United States does not care, but for us this is real suicide… This led to the economic suicide of Germany, its third defeat from the USA, and the sad realization that, despite appearances, it continues to remain an occupied country…”.


At the same time, Europeans should never forget the words of Victoria Nuland, one of the main leaders of recent American foreign policy, said about the European Union in 2014: “Fuck EU” – they well reflect the attitude of the current US establishment towards “allies”. Europe agreed to zero independent energy infrastructure, permanently undermining the competitiveness of its economy.

And Ukraine… You already see everything and know what she got from the role of an instrument:

– minus a third of the territory;

– minus a third of the population;


– minus independence and subjectivity;

– minus assets and national wealth;

– minus economy and industry;

– plus war;


– plus crazy debts and inflation;

– plus death, grief, ruin, destruction.

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