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Quashing the Anti-Hindu Propaganda and fake secularism, Harsha a Bajrang Dal activist

Harsha a Bajrang Dal activist from Karnataka State posted something criticizing the Hijab Row conspiracy was brutally assaulted to Death in Shivamogga region. The state police has arrested three people related to the murder, whereas five people were involved in this barbaric act.

A girl shouted “Allah Hu Akbar” in front Hindu was safe at that point but, a guy named Harsha criticized the malfunctioning in the system of Uniformity and education has been brutally harassed to death. This is what new age secularism means?

The propagation of secular uniform in schools and college costs Harsha excruciating death, this is what secularism depicts that one is derailed to express his voice.

Kishan Barvad, Lavanya, Kamlesh Tewari, Ankit Sharma, Ankit Saxena, Rinku Sharma, Nikita Tomar, Chandan Gupta, Rupesh Pandey, and lot more are the victims of this fake secularism.


In this situation secularism means a bigotry, fanaticism, hatred, radicalization and violence against truth and justice.

According to State reports, around five Muslim man were involved in this gruesome incident. Karnataka HM Araga Jnanendra also spoke about the incident.

The year of 2022 has been a worst and a prominent year to mark mass activities of lynching of the innocent Hindus. A law based on Anti-Lynching and Uniform Civil Code should have to be implemented as soon as possible to secure country from these anti-social and radical elements.

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