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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Violence breaks out in France and Belgium after Morocco lost FIFA Semi-Final by 2-0

Moroccan fans breaks violence in France and Belgium after their football team loses in FIFA World Cup 2022 Semi-Final to defending champions France by 2-0.

The violence spread after many Moroccan supporters (Muslims) called the win of Morocco In Quarter Finals as Victory of Islam. Thus, the losing in the Semis couldn’t get tolerated by Moroccan fans so they get to the roads and started violent protest against French authorities, its people and government properties.

The French Intelligence agency further warned the nation of possible violent protests and the same happened as speculated by French authorities.

The bigots attached to the Moroccan team started a petty issue that’s merely a game as a communal issue.


After backstabbing France, these so called peaceful people stared protest in the country to implement and amend local law as per the condition of these people that is closely to the Sharia. The French government and authorities took serious action over them by banning some centers of terrorists planning and put several restrictions on their corrupt movements

Belgium comprising 8 lakh Muslims out of 1.16 Crores of Population also faced severe protests in reflection of Morocco defeat. Likewise France, Belgium also want to appear in the list of getting certificate of being Secular by so called intellectuals but, both the countries faced severe setbacks by their respective steps.

The same situation occurred last year during 2021 World Cup T20 when India got lost to Pakistan and many Pakistani supporters residing in India worked to inflame riots and tensions.

Therefore, these communal forces are spreading like a termite in whole world that are even targeting these petty games as source of hatred. This ecosystem is not at all good for a democratic, peace loving and developing societies. The people should focus on their concerned duties without indulging themselves in these type of terrorist acts.


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