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Why Countries are Worried about ‘Radical Islamism’ proliferation and Violence

Countries now a days are experiencing a major boost in communal unrest in their domestic politics and communities. Be it Eastern countries or the West, even the European countries are now experiencing the thump of Communal violence due to spread of radical Islamism.

One thing seems common in the recent communal violence in the counties facing this problem is that “the attacks are planned and violent in the name of protest.” Countries like France, Sweden, India, Russia, USA have faced brutal organized attacks on other communities and open threatening of Freedom of speech. And recently UK has joined this list of victims where resident Hindu community faced a severe attack on temples and women by the mob of Islamic radicalists chanting “Allahu Akbar”.

How The Unrest Grows

The countries having “Madrasas” and unsurveillanced Mosques are predominantly facing problem of Islamic radicalization. Madarsa(Islmaic Religious Schools) are easy “Brain washing” offices of bad intent elements, they train young minds into Radicalist within a few months.


India is the classic victim of “Madarsa and Mosque” terrorism training camps, which are vastly sponsored by Pakistan and its radical organizations across the globe.

France observing these antinational activities within its closed several Madarsas and Mosques in the interest of internal security.

Setting up of madarsas and mosuest are the first step towards these planned game. This acts as a safe office and warehouse of things needed. Some call “Madarsas are the hum of terrorism and radical training

Some 25 million Muslims live in the 28 Member States of the European Union. The vast majority of these Muslims came seeking work and they were needed as they worked in sectors usually referred to as “difficult, dirty and dangerous”.


In the 80’s, they started to be perceived not as Immigrants from Morocco, Pakistan or Turkey but as “Muslims”, eventually threatening the social fabric of European societies due to radical preaching among them. The terrorist attacks by the major groups of Islamist fanatics and the radicalization of “thousands” of native Muslim Europeans added fuel to the surging anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe. Unless there is a simultaneous effort by immigrants to better integrate in European societies and by European Societies to show openness, tensions may become worrisome.

Intolerance and Attack on Free Speech

A few terrorist Islamic groups like Hizbullah, Jamata e Islami etc, who are famoulsy known for spreading terrorism from Pakistam in non-Islamic or secular countries have damaged image of all Muslim communities world wide. One of the most covered matters of charlie hebdo and Quran controversy in Sweden have raised alarm in the countries sheltering immigrant Muslims to same Freedom to speech.

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