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Dutch royals Family apologies for breaking Covid rules at Princess Amalia’s birthday party

King regrets holding 18th birthday bash that reportedly had 21 invitees at a time when Covid rules stipulate a maximum of four guests

The Dutch royal family has expressed regret after last week inviting 21 reported people to celebrate the birthday of Princess Amalia, the future queen, 18, for violating coronavirus health guidelines.

Currently, people in the Netherlands can receive four guests over the age of 13 in their homes.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte wrote a letter to parliament on Wednesday: “The family has tried to enforce coronavirus rules properly through this outdoor event and to take safety precautions” which include trials and social isolation.

“The king told me that if I thought it, it would not be a good idea to organize a [party].”

The Netherlands said on Tuesday it would close primary schools early over the Christmas holidays and increase night closures as fears mounted due to variations in the Omicron coronavirus.

The royal ceremony was on Saturday in a park connected with the royal palace and guests were required to be vaccinated, to check the Covid and to keep away from the public.

Rutte’s letter did not specify how many people attended but local media quoted the government as saying that 21 invitations had been sent.

Princess Amalia celebrated the 18th of December and was promoted to the Dutch Provincial Council, the highest advisory council of the government, due to her age.

The party is the latest in a series of faux pas performed by the Dutch royal house during the violence, expressing its popularity.

In October last year members of the royal family were forced to cut a holiday in Greece following a complaint as the Netherlands enters a partial closure.

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