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Katyusha rocket attacks target Iraq’s fortified Green Zone: report

The spate of rocket attacks targeting the fortified Green Zone do not seem to end. In another attack, two Katyusha rockets hit the highly secured area in Baghdad, reported Iraq’s state news agency citing security forces. The C-RAM defence system destroyed one rocket in the air while the other landed near the area’s festivals arena.

The rocket attacks on the solid Green Zone do not seem to be over.

In another attack, two Katyusha rockets hit a safe haven in Baghdad, the Iraqi news agency quoted security officials as saying on Sunday.

According to the report, the C-RAM defense system destroyed the rocket in the air and another sat near the area’s festival grounds. It caused damage to two cars, he added.

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No fatalities were reported.

Investigations by security officials have already begun in the area, the report said.

Several foreign embassies, including the US embassy and other government agencies, are located in the Green Zone.

Other groups, seemingly backed by Iran, often target the area.

Earlier, three rockets hit a Baghdad area near the Green Zone without causing any damage, a Iraqi security official said.

“Three rockets in Katyusha have fallen in the Mansur region of Baghdad,” a source, who did not want to be named, told AFP.

The rockets hit near Red Crescent Hospital, a bank and the regional water management department, a source said.

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