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New York Times, a Radical Propaganda Machine: Black Spot on Journalism

No doubt a few countries can’t digest India’s growing influence and development, but the fake factory organization “New York times” acts the same. This sold out journalism organization repeatedly targets India, Russia, South Africa for a few amount of money and cheap mentality.

The radical content writers/journalists of the organization are recruited especially for the purpose to search into new methods to distort the facts into the propaganda. New and strong India pinches in the Eyes of this radical organization.

There is an organized system around the world to defame and spread misinformation against India repeatedly. The combination of fake news and aligned propaganda on the news is a toolkit to attack the country. The New York Times (NYT) is a leading international news agency in the race to spread vicious propaganda against developing nations nations.

A two day, symbolic protest called by some leftist unions was portrayed as a massive nationwide protest by The New York Times. The column written by Sameer Yasir seems to deliberately spread the panic & mis-information in India. The purpose-driven column is a perfect example of how misinformation is spread on the WhatsApp University. 


In 2021, The New York Times had formally given an advertisement for the business correspondent that must be an anti-Hindu, anti-Modi, anti-government and anti-Indiareported WION. The job description given, explains the purpose of the news agency which always sermon India on liberty, equality and freedom. But, the propaganda New York Times run against India is a reflection of the non-digestible fact that India is growing strong.

To weaken the country, they always run stories that malign the country’s image and affect the nation directly. Their imaginary news not only portrays India in a bad light but also affect investment in businesses. Moreover, New York Times hire Indian, ideology-driven left-liberal-Islamist propagandists to justify their propaganda and fake stories.

Feeding on the dead

In an effort to create panic, they published coordinated news on the Covid situation in India, totally ignoreing the failure of west in same situation. The insensitive images of burning dead bodies from ‘Shamshan Ghat’ shows their sick ethics of journalism. Even though the death count and the Covid situation were much worse in the USA than in India but that remained unnoticed to this blind media. The headlines like ‘This is a Catastrophe. In India, Illness is everywhere’ or ‘Thanks to Modi, India had a ‘state-orchestrated Covid’ manifest their white supremacist mentality against India.


Birds of the same feather flock together

Exposing the International news agencies, foreign minister Dr S Jaishankar called that there is liberal fundamentalism at work” in India. The toolkit coordinated from abroad is implemented in India by anti-India forces residing here. The effort of Indian left-liberal-Islamist forces to destabilize the nation and derail the process of economic awakening is seen in their exposed agenda. The misinformation spread during the protests of CAA, NRC, farm laws, or the Covid situation in India or on the Kashmir issue give evidence that not only liberal fundamentalist are united against India but all anti-India forces have mutually associated to pull down the country’s advancement in the world order.

Come what may, India will grow stronger and defeat the enemies both outside and inside the country. The stature of a country can never be degraded by these propagandists. When about 130 crore nationalists will awake, the information warfare played by these forces will be fused.

From : tfipost.com


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