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Nicaragua Breaks ties with Taiwan, Joins China as Ally

China, Nicaragua re-establish ties in blow to US, Taiwan. An ally lost by Taiwan

BEIJING / TAIPEI – China and Nicaragua re-established communications on Friday after the country severed ties with Taiwan called China, developed Beijing in a part of the world that has long been regarded as a United States territory and outraged Washington.

China has stepped up military and political pressure on Taiwan to accept its monarchy claims, venting its anger on a democratic island, which has repeatedly said it will not be exploited and has the right to participate in other countries.

China’s foreign ministry, announcing the decision after meetings with Nicaraguan finance minister and two sons of President Daniel Ortega in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin, said the country had taken the “right decision” based on “people’s wishes”.

Vacation with Taiwan reduces the declining base of the international friends island and contributes to the United States.
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Following months of strained relations between Ortega and Washington, the day came when the US Department of State said it had imposed sanctions on Nestor Moncada Lau, Ortega’s national security adviser, alleging that he was using a fraud and smuggling scheme to enrich Ortega members. Ortega government.

The US Department of State said the Nicaraguan decision did not reflect the will of the Nicaraguan people because their government was not elected freely.

“We know, however, that this deprives the people of Nicaragua of a strong partner in the growth of democracy and the economy,” department spokesman Ned Price said in a statement. “We urge all countries to recognize the institutions of democracy, transparency, the rule of law, and to promote economic prosperity for their citizens to increase contact with Taiwan.”


The severance of tensions was further disrupted by Taiwan, which now has official relations with only 14 countries, mainly Latin America and the Caribbean, with its foreign ministry expressing “pain and remorse”, saying Ortega had ignored the friendship between the people of Taiwan and Nicaragua.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has said he will not allow oppression or change his determination to respect democracy and freedom and “march on the world”.

“If Taiwan’s democracy is very successful, it will have strong international support, as well as pressure from the authorities’ camp,” he said in Taipei.

A Taiwanese official familiar with the matter told Reuters that the “provocative” time was coming during the Biden Summit for officials in Biden, visiting Taiwan, and a week before the four polls on the island, albeit in domestic affairs as power and strength. pork.

At the now defunct Nicaragua embassy in Taipei, a building in the leafy suburb of Tianmu, staff members said that the former ambassador was not there. The Nicaraguan flag outside had been removed when a Reuters reporter arrived this morning.

Ortega first severed ties with Taiwan in 1985, but they were re-established on the island in 1990 under then-Nicaraguan President Violeta Barrios de Chamorro.

A Taiwanese-based communications source, who is familiar with the region, said the move was not surprising as Washington was short of Ortega due to sanctions, and that looking to China for help and support was a natural course.

“It looks like Ortega was enough,” a source told Reuters, who did not want to be named.

Attention will now be turned to another Taiwanese friend, Honduras.

Aides to incumbent Xiomara Castro say they will not build a relationship with China, backtracking on Castro’s earlier statements that he is ready to formalize relations with Beijing.

A second Taiwanese-based source told Reuters it was still a matter of “watching this space” on whether Honduras would eventually leave Beijing.

China says Taiwan is one of the provinces that does not have the right to challenge the state, and has intensified efforts to defeat the remaining Taiwanese allies, especially in Central America and the Caribbean, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic moving to Beijing 2018, and Panama last year.

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