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No punishment for US troops who killed 10 civilians in Kabul airstrike, says Pentagon

Spokesman John Kirby, said that we received a high-level review of the strike which made no recommendation of accountability

The Pentagon has announced that no US troops or officials will face disciplinary action on the Kabul plane, which killed 10 Afghan civilians.

The drone strike took place in the last days of US-led evacuation in Kabul on August 29, after the Taliban overthrew the country’s government and took control of the country.

Spokesman John Kirby on Monday said Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had received a high-level review of the strike that did not make recommendations.

“You have approved their recommendations,” Kirby said. “The secretary does not want … he wants other ways to defend himself.”

U.S. officials have staged a drone strike near Kabul International Airport against ISIS-K terrorists who were preparing to launch another suicide attempt at Hamid Karzai International Airport.

They claim to have successfully assassinated Islamic State – Khorasan (ISIS-K terrorists), but local investigations and civilian surveys conducted have revealed that the strike has claimed lives.

The strike killed the aid worker and his nephews.

In early November, the first report by the US Air Force inspector general, Lt Gen Sami Said, called the strike “serious” but “a serious mistake.”

But the investigation committee has withdrawn all US troops and officials responsible for the attack.

“What we have seen here is the deterioration of systems, the killings and incidents of violence, it has not been negligence, it has not been the result of misconduct, it has not been unsatisfactory leadership,” Kirby said.

If Austin “believed … that the defense was justified, he would certainly support those kinds of efforts,” Kirby said.

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