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People’s Convoy’ protest sparks in Washington to reverse covid restrictions

A series of trucks were heading to Washington, D.C., with the intention of building a gridlock on Beltway, according to ABC 7 News.

Truck drivers have left Scranton, Pennsylvania, and are expected to arrive in Beltway on February 23. Another line from California, calling themselves the “People’s Convoy,” is expected to arrive on March 5. According to a news source. , there may be two more convoys planned in the DC region

According to CNN, the Pentagon has authorized two separate National Guard deployments to help control, instruct and support traffic points. These guards will not be armed and will not do any kind of law enforcement or home surveillance. And they are not authorized to use any aircraft.

The first force, requested by the District of Columbia Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, will consist of 400 guards accompanied by 50 strategic vehicles, each Reuters. The work will begin on Saturday and is approved to continue until March 8. Second, requested by the U.S. Capitol Police, with 300 guards stationed outside D.C. to help facilitate traffic flow.


Brian Brase, one of the organizers of the protests, said the parties hoped their demands would be met wherever they camped.

“We are not going to camp there. Let me put it that way, ”replied Bolus, according to the report. “Let’s camp in Beltway. We will make our voices heard and let them understand that this is just a snow point. ” Their demands include the end of the COVID-19 policy and the requirements for masks, such as those Canadian truck drivers, also known as “Freedom Convoy,” also need in Ottawa.

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