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Two Dams Collapsed in Bahia, Brazil after weeks of Heavy rain

After weeks of torrential rains, two dams collapsed in the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia. It just so happened that the rain had already swelled the local rivers. The incident has led to flooding in cities across the region. Although roads and bridges were damaged, they were not reported dead or injured.

After weeks of heavy rains, two dams collapsed in northeastern Brazil, Bahia, authorities said Sunday.

This development comes as the rain has already flooded the local rivers.

Located on the Verruga River near the town of Vitoria da Conquista in southern Bahia, the Igua dam was released on Saturday night. It led to the eviction of many residents by the authorities in the town of Itambe.


Another dam erupted as a result of rising water levels in Jussiape, about 60 miles [100 km] north, on Sunday morning. It has forced the authorities to issue additional warnings so that residents can reach safer areas.

The incident has caused floods in cities across the country.

Although roads and bridges were damaged, they were not reported dead or injured.

“It’s crazy on the bridge, there are waves about two meters high,” shop owner Luiz Constancia told Reuters.


Off the coast of Itabuna, residents, trapped in flooded houses in the city center, were rescued by firefighters, Reuters reporters said.

Not only that, rescuers also paddled boats on flooded roads to reach trapped people.

Mayor Sheila Lemos said all residents, who were near the collapsed Igua dam in Vitoria da Conquista, had been evacuated.

Bahia Governor Rui Castro said about 400,000 people had been affected by the heavy rains. Thousands have also been evacuated from nearly 67 cities.


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