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Friday, June 14, 2024

UN estimates: Indian population to overtake Chinese one by 2.9 Million

United Nations has estimates that the Indian population might overtake Chinese one by 2.9 Million by Mid 2023.

India has already crossed the mark of 139 Crore people whereas Chinese population is standing at 142 Crores.

The public survey by the UNFPA organization of United Nation has been conducted to recognize the population of the countries and their future.

India’s population is in average range at around 1.2% since 2011. In the earlier decade it was around 1.7% which was huge and resulted massive rise in the population of the country.

China’s one child policy law and other government arbitrary and harsh laws resulted in the decrease of the Chinese population.

Now, these clusters of massive proportion of population only at China and India is alarming. Thus, these two countries are facing several threats such as Unemployment.

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