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US eyes to increase military base sharing in Philippines

US Vice President Kamala Harris and Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. they discussed increasing the number of bases their countries share in the Philippines.

US is eyeing to increase its military presence in Indo-pacific by enhancing its military presence in Philippines. China’s threat in the region is the major game play behind the clubbing of military from all over the world.

The move is part of America’s effort to strengthen its foothold in the Southeast Asian country in light of China’s assertiveness in the region.

Harris and Marcos met in Manila on Monday.


The expansion of cooperation on the table is based on a military agreement that the two countries signed in 2014.

A senior Philippine military official said the US side proposed five sites. These include the Palawan Islands on the edge of the disputed South China Sea.

The Philippine constitution prohibits foreign bases.

But the country allows the US military to build facilities and store supplies at designated bases under a military agreement.


The talks come as Beijing continues to build artificial islands for military bases. Washington is also believed to be referring to an emergency involving Taiwan.

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