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US records new Omicron Cases, likely to worsen the situation

Other US states where Omicron has been found are California, Colorado, and Minnesota, each with one case. In all three cases, the patients were fully vaccinated and displayed only mild symptoms

Five new cases of highly infectious variation of the coronavirus Omicron have been found in New York State, according to Governor Kathy Hochul. This brings the number of adoptions in the United States to eight. Several more are in quarantine.

Experts suggest stronger travel restrictions and covid protocol following rules to curb this highly infectious Omicron Variant in US.

With the acquisition of these charges, NY has now become the fourth-largest U.S. state with Omicron charges.
The other U.S. states where Omicron was found were California, Colorado, and Minnesota, each with one case. In all three cases, the patients were fully immunized and showed only mild symptoms.

“New York State has confirmed five cases of omicron diversity,” Hochul said in a Twitter post aimed at reassuring citizens of the fourth most populous country that the discovery was unexpected.

“Let me make it clear: This is not a cause for alarm. We knew this kind of coming was coming and we have the tools to stop the spread,” he said.

“Get your vaccine. Get your booster. Put on your mask.”

There were no immediate reports of new cases near New York City – the busiest city in the country – and whether they had been found by people returning from overseas travel.

In the United States, at least eight cases have been confirmed, one in Minnesota, involving a person with no recent travel history. Such a case suggests that the species already exists and is circulating within the United States.

Hochul’s figures follow President Biden’s announcement that his superiors are intensifying their campaign against COVID-19 as winter approaches.

As part of these new measures, international travelers are required to check at least one day prior to flight, and the public transport masking instructions will continue to apply by mid-March.

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