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Adipurush: Public outraged on poor portrayal by Saif, Kriti, Prabhas and Anti-Hindu narrative

The film makers launched the teaser of a most anticipated film based on Ramayan epic, i.e. Adipurursh staring Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, Kriti Sanon and directed by Om Raut triggered nationwide controversy regarding the poor portrayal of characters and tempering of the Bhartiya Culture and facts.

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The audience enumerated thousands of faults in the film’s teaser, which was released on 2nd October, marking Gandhi Jayanti at a grand event in Ayodhya.

The cinematography, screenplay, VFX, cartoonish portrayal of characters and false facts of the epic are heavily trolled. Some even complimented Ayan Mukherjee for giving excellent VFX in Brahmastra.

Ramayan Characters comparison between a Old Ramayan(1-2 Cr Budged) and Adipurush(500cr Budget)

Another question was on the actors’ portrayal of Bhagwan Ram, Maa Sita, Hanuman and Ravan. Maa Sita was portrayed as a model (more of vulgarity), not as a Devi representing Bhartiya Culture. The act done by Deepika Chikalia in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan was fantabulous and even generated a feeling of devotion; Rajamauli’s RRR and Bahubali were also masterpiece in terms of the portrayal of characters and cultural qualities.

Maa Sita

Before the commencement of the shoot of the film, Saif Ali Khan commented that “we will show Ravan’s Humane nature and will justify the abduction of Maa Sita at the hands of Ravan,” which triggered controversy upon his portrayal. Many users or netizens trolled the look of Saif and compared it with Khilji’s(Islamic Invader) look.

Ravan of Adipurush looks more like a Islamic Invader like Ghori, Ghazni, Khilji, Aurangzeb or Timur

The look of Prabhas as Bhagwan Ram was nothing less then a Cartoonish look that apparently lacks the feeling of devotion. The Director Om Raut who gave epic blockbuster that is; Tanhaji which even gather National Film Award for Best actor for Ajay Devgan. This time the director failed as his creation was a technical, acting and factual blunder. The film teaser fails in all aspects, even the portrayal of Hanuman Ji, Lakshaman Ji and Vanarsena was also very dull.

Hanuman Ji

Therefore, after analyzing all the facts, the teaser looks so disappointing in nearly all aspects. Hopefully, the trailer cut and left VFX work might enhance the quality of the film, but, no doubt the facts shown in the teaser were filled with propaganda and Anti-Hindu narrative.

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