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Conspiracy against Indian Culture aided by Indian Film Industry, setting new trends for Industry’s return

Amid continuous boycott trends and public displeasure over the content of the Indian film Industry, Bollywood has fallen miserably. While carrying a duty to entertain the populace, the Industry has been caught red-handed in propagating the conspiracy against Indian Culture. The steps of the film industry caught indulged in creating an environment of Hindu Phobia and Anti-Nationalism. Since its inception, the main agenda of the films was to implement manipulated forms of history, Culture, scriptures, and texts that ultimately dismantled the radiance of Indian Culture for a while. 

The Conspiracy: Indian Film Industry a medium to spread garbage

A well-researched report on “Movies made during 1950-2000”, made by IIM Ahmadabad under the guidance of Former Director of IIM Rohtak, debunks the propaganda of despicable mindset against Indian Culture and people associated with Sanatan Dharma. This concerned report concluded that around 84% of the film mocked people associated with Sikhism94% of the movie manifested a person following Hindu customs and attire in Villainous roles and Pandits as prudish and devious, whereas 88% of films showed Muslims as victims and portraying positive roles. 

According to the report made by Former KGB agent and Indian Journalist Yuri Bezmenov, he said, “we have given an agenda to destroy Indian Culture, and for the same purpose, we established a policy of ‘Ideological Subversion.’” The policy of Ideological Subversion is a brainwashing technique that is used to manipulate existing ideology and public opinion and further induce them to reject obvious and proven facts. Bezmenov further states that; to implement this policy, we were given the task of dividing it into four stages, under which each phase takes around 15-20 years to accomplish, as done by the Soviet Intelligence Agency against America:-

  • Demoralize (First Stage): The first stage is to demoralize over language, history, heritage, society, ideals, Culture, religion and religious texts by declaring all the facts meaningless and orthodox. To Demonstrate, bringing and coining words like women empowerment, feminism, and equality of opportunity for women by meaninglessly and senselessly citing Ancient Indian Society was oppressive to Women. Read below the “Status of Women in Ancient India.

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  • Destabilization (Second Stage): The second stage is to destabilize by peaceful protests, revolutions and struggles against so-called injustices caused by the Indian Culture. To demonstrate; the revolution against Sati Pratha, the Dowry system, which were not Indian customs and were not even mentioned in either Hindu texts. 
  • Revolution (Third Stage): The third stage is a revolution that converts peaceful protests into violent struggles and movements. To demonstrate; a list of Hindu-Muslim, Sikh-Muslim, and Hindu-Sikh riots in India. 

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  • Normalization (Last Stage): The fourth and last stage is to normalize that nothing has happened, everything is the same, neglect what is yours and follow others. To Demonstrate, Calling Hinduism a Mythology, don’t take it seriously; just follow and visit Churches and other religious places and attain the certificate of Secular. 

To implement this policy in depth, they used the Indian Film Industry as one of the prominent sources. Indian audience has witnessed films like Jodha Akbar, Mughal-e-Azam, PK, LSC, and several other television and web shows like Tandav that mocked Indian Culture, History, heritage and legacy. 

Talking about Television ads and other commercials, then many brands like Hyundai(Anti-Kashmir words), Fab India (Jashn-e-Riwaaz for Deepawali), and Unacedamy (portraying as Hindu rulers as aggressors) are heavily criticized for spreading Anti-India and Anti-Hindu narrative. 

We all have witnessed that a person speaking core Hindi or Sanskrit or any other regional Indian language are shown in negative roles, and a woman with typical Hindu attire wearing Bindi and Saree are demonstrated as an oppressive mother-in-law or sister-in-law. Additionally, a person insulting and raising questions of authenticity against the Hindu deity is right, but applying Chadar on Mazzar or blowing candles at the Church are significant and fulfil all the wishes. Targeting Hinduism and Sanatan Dharma has been a part of Anti-Indian and Anti-Hindu propaganda since independence. 

Due to the rise of hatred towards Bollywood and film personalities, the film Industry has witnessed a major setback. Since past one year, only 3 Bollywood films (Sooryawanshi, Kashmir Files and Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2) registered hit verdict rest are flops and disasters. Surprisingly, these flop and disaster films are neither of low budget nor weak star power; even after attaining good scripts and reviews, many films couldn’t even succeed in recovering 50% cost. 

Films starring Ajay Devgan(Runway 34), Shahid Kapoor(Jersey), Ranbir Kapoor(Shamshera), Ranveer Singh(83, Jayeshbhai Jordan), John Abraham, Varun Dhawan Auyushman Khurana(Anek, Chandigarh Kare Aashiqi), and Tiger Shroff (Heropanti 2) witnessed only flop and disaster verdicts. Industry biggies like Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan(Antrim), and Prabhas(Radhe Shyam) also tried their luck hard but couldn’t succeed in gathering big numbers. Amir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha, on which the actor invested four years, reportedly insulted the Indian Army and Culture, eventually wraps taking a disaster verdict. 

Meanwhile, the film industry is planning a big return to their zone back with encouraging and rousing scripts such as Brahmastra, Ram Setu, Adipurush, Nitish Tewary’s Ramayan, Immortal Ashwathama, 3-4 films inspired by Indo-Pak border conflict, movies inspired by the characters of Mahabharat, and some multi starrers are also in the list.   

Additionally, boycott trends have helped to bring some benchmark changes in the Industry, but too much of something is always wrong. Our film Industry has undoubtedly made terrible mistakes under the influence of some anti-social elements, but we shouldn’t treat them so step-motherly; after all, it is our indigenous Industry. We should boycott those films whichever plays with our sentiments and inflict insult upon our Culture, but we must refrain from boycotting all the movies. To demonstrate, if our body part somehow catches a bruise, we don’t cut it; instead, we treat it. The same is with our Industry; it is ours; we should fix or treat them whenever they chooses the wrong direction. 

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