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Blood Donation Camp at IIM Bodh Gaya in Collaboration With AIIMS Patna

For a noble cause of saving lives, IIM Bodh Gaya collaborated with AIIMS Patna to organise a blood donation camp at its Medical Block, Dhanvantri, on the 25th of February. The CSR Committee, Pragati, organised the event which saw active participation from faculty, non-teaching staff, and students, resulting in a substantial turnout.

The event garnered attendance from numerous individuals, showcasing the community’s strong commitment to the cause. The CSR Committee, Pragati, known for its proactive engagement in various social initiatives, played a crucial role in the successful execution of the blood donation drive. Pragati collaborated with the AIIMS Blood Bank Team led by Dr. Ruchi Sinha, Incharge HOD of Transfusion Medicine, and Dr. Bankim Das, Associate Prof. of Transfusion Medicine and amassed more than 100 donors. This collaborative effort highlighted the collective dedication to social responsibility.

The event’s success was underscored by the presence of Dr. Vinita S. Sahay, Director of IIM Bodhgaya, Prof. Johnson Abhishek Minz, Chairperson of Pragati, Prof. Swapnarag Swain, Chairperson of MBA-HHM, Prof. Sreelekha Mishra, Chairperson of Student Affairs, and Prof. Suman Chaudhary. The Director of IIM Bodhgaya expressed that the blood donation drive and other socially beneficial activities align with the institution’s vision of nurturing socially responsible and mindful leaders.

The CSR Committee of IIM Bodh Gaya has been consistently involved in organising impactful campaigns, such as the “Happy Periods” initiative and blanket donation drives. IIM Bodh Gaya, through initiatives like these, continues to make significant contributions to community welfare, reflecting its commitment to holistic education and societal well-being.

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