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Karnataka High Court: No religious cloth is allowed inside educational institute, discuss on Feb 14

Karnataka High Court restricts the religious cloth and symbol in educational institutes amid the Hijab Row in the state. Court to discuss matter further on coming Feb 14, Monday in front of three Judge bench.

The three Jubge bench of the Karnataka High Court directed students not to wear Hijab and Saffron scarves, as they can instigate people lead to creation of environment of tension.

Earlier, three judge bench comprising Chief Justice Ritu Awasthi and to other prominent Judges began hearing on the Hijab row issue. Apex court denied appeal to transfer the case from Karnataka HC to SC.

Hence the decision by the Karnataka High Court has ensured the state of equality as the decision came to direct both the parties of the issue. It is further recognized as a big blow to petitioner and Hijab practitioners.

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