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Light and Sound Show “Jai Hindi” at Red Fort limits Nehru-Gandhi role, to cover other instances

Light and Sound show titled “Jai Hind” at Red Fort inaugurated by Amit Shah that narrates the story of Freedom Struggle from 1700 to present day has allegedly limited the role of Nehru-Gandhi family to accommodate other key instances of independence history or freedom struggle.

ASI director has said that the role of Nehru-Gandhi hasn’t been omitted but, its limited to accommodate other instances of freedom struggle.

Opposition mainly Congress(INC) has taken this issue as an insult to Mahatma Gandhi and First PM Jawaharlal Nehru.

Mainly the show has been divided into 4 Chapters; the first chapter talks about Maratha influence in freedom struggle, second chapter talks about 1857 War of Independence, the third chapter talks about Role of INA in Freedom Struggle and the fourth chapter enlists the events of Progress of India in last 75 years. Thus, to accommodate all these instances in just one hour always takes something out.


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