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Many rules related to banking, financial and other sectors are changing today

New Delhi: Several regulations touching on banking, financial and different sectors are converting from nowadays, December 1.

Since those new regulations are set to affect the daily lives of the not unusual place man and subsequently it’s miles important to understand extra approximately those changes in detail.

India’s biggest State Bank of India (SBI) prices processing expenses on EMI transactions beginning from December 1, 2021. SBI will price the processing expenses on equated month-to-month installment (EMI) purchases or changing transactions into EMIs.

SBI Cards and Payment Services Private Limited (SBICPSL), which manages SBI credit score cards, has stated that for EMI transactions, SBI credit score cardholders will now pay a processing charge of Rs ninety-nine alongside the tax.


In what may want to hose down the spirit of account holders of small financial savings account, Punjab National Bank (PNB) has slashed interest fees on financial savings deposits.

PNB has decreased hobby price on financial savings account deposits with the aid of using 10 foundation points (bps) for account stability much less than Rs 10 lakh and with the aid of using five foundation points (bps) for account stability of Rs 10 lakh and above to 2.eighty% p.a and 2.85% p.a respectively.

The new hobby fees may be powerful from December 1, 2021 Life certificates for pensioners Those retirees above the age of eighty may be capable of submitting their virtual existence certificates at any of the country’s Head Post Offices’ Jeevan Pramaan Centers.

The final touch date of this has been constant for November 30, 2021. These existence certificates are evidence that the pensioner remains alive.


If you do now no longer comply, your pension can be terminated. So from December 1, when you have now no longer submitted your existence certificates, your pension is probably affected. Matchbox expenses to upward push after 14 years Matchbox expenses may be seeing a hike after 14 years amid hovering inflation that has accelerated the expenses of uncooked materials.

With the approaching revision, the retail rate of matchboxes may be doubled to Rs 2 from the modern rate of Rs 1 beginning from December 1, 2021. Matchbox expenses have been ultimate hiked in 2007 from 50 paise to Rs 1 in keeping with box.

LPG Cylinder Price The fees of liquefied petroleum fuel line (LPG) cylinders had been hiked from the modern fees from December 2021.

OMCs have hiked the rate of Commercial cylinders thru home cylinder expenses to continue to be identical. Commercial cylinders of the nineteen kg in Delhi will price Rs 2,104 from nowadays onwards which become costing Rs 2000.50 earlier.


The rate of industrial fuel online cylinders in Kolkata increased by Rs one hundred and one to Rs 2,174.5 Earlier its rate becomes Rs 2073.5.

The industrial gas rate in Mumbai has gone as much as Rs 2,051. Earlier the rate becomes Rs 1,950. There has been a growth of Rs101 here.

At the identical time, the rate of a 19 kg industrial fuel online cylinder in Chennai has long passed as much as Rs 2,234.50. Earlier the rate becomes Rs 2,133.


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