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Sony Group and Honda Motor joint venture will Release the First electric Vehicle in 2026

Sony Group Corp and Honda Motor are forming an electric vehicle (EVS) joint venture and want to launch their first models by 2026.

A Reuters article claims that Sony Honda Mobility’s electric vehicles (EVs) would be sold exclusively through an online marketplace targeting clients in the United States and Europe.

Together with Honda, Sony formed Sony Honda Mobility in June of this year and since then they have been going full steam ahead in developing mobility solutions for consumers.

Sony has been a leader in consumer electronics for decades, and Honda is well-versed in transportation; the joint venture’s new electric vehicle portfolio benefits from the complementary skills of both companies.


Sony Honda Mobility’s upcoming electric vehicles (EVs) will be sold in the premium EV category, suggesting that while they may not be cheap enough for mass-market consumption, they may be cheaper than the luxury automaker’s wares.

Sony is in charge of the electric car’s internal software system, which includes cloud services and in-car entertainment options. In addition, it would provide the array of sensors necessary for Level 3 autonomous driving.

Honda, as a major automaker, will have the final say on the EV platform used in production. The company hopes to outpace its rivals in the EV market, banking on the sales boost and momentum an alliance with Sony would provide.


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