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Have a Dashcam? That Footage Could Help Your Attorney Build a Case

If you’ve been in a car accident and your vehicle has a dashcam, the footage could be very important in helping your attorney make a case that you deserve compensation. That’s because these vehicle-based cameras record footage while you’re operating your vehicle, and can show the actions of the drivers around you as well was what you were doing at the time the accident occurred.

If another driver was negligent behind the wheel and caused you harm, having a dashcam recording of that could go a very long way toward protecting your rights and interests during legal proceedings.

Provide Your Dashcam Footage to an Attorney

Offering up your dashcam footage is one of the best ways to help your attorney build a solid case and focus on asking for compensation due to the negligent actions of another driver. When you contact a law firm such as Legal Help in Colorado, an attorney will want the details of what happened. With a video recording of the incident you have more proof that what you’re telling the attorney is accurate, and it will be harder for the other insurance company to argue that their driver didn’t make a mistake or do something dangerous. That could mean the potential for a better settlement and may close your case out faster, as well.

Build Your Case for Fair and Just Compensation

Building a case for compensation that’s fair and just isn’t always easy, especially if some of the details are questionable or not clear. That’s why dashcam footage can be so valuable, because it can clear up confusion and stop any conflicting information between your account of what took place and what the other driver is telling their insurance company. That’s an excellent way to make sure your attorney has what they need.

Don’t Fight Your Legal Battles Alone

There’s no need to fight your legal battles by yourself. Working with an attorney is the right choice after a car accident, especially when the other party’s insurance company isn’t taking responsibility or is trying to get you to settle for a small amount that doesn’t cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses.

You don’t have to take that offer, and you shouldn’t sign anything until you talk to an attorney about the options you have at your disposal. If you have dashcam video of what took place, or if a witness has video they can provide that captured the accident clearly, it’s easier for your attorney to help you get the compensation you truly deserve.

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