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Amazing Science and Logic Behind Indian Hindu Culture and Rituals

India is a pristine land of innumerable rituals, cultures, and traditions, Although despite having witnessed and belonged to this rich society we lack the understanding behind several rituals and brand them superstitious and meaningless. In Reality, you’ll be amazed to know that how thoughtful  Indian ancestors were in designing the customs and traditions for our holistic well-being.
Some of them are mentioned below

1. Why PIPAL and NEEM trees are worshiped?

Even modern science reveals that Pipal and Neem trees exhale an extremely high amount of Oxygen(O2) during the daytime. Women were advised to walk around these trees in the early morning for ideal hormonal balance and easy conception. Along with this Ayurveda talks about numerous meditational uses of these trees. You must have heard in Indian Culture that Ghost resides on Pipal tree at night, this is nothing but the reason is these trees also release a large amount of Carbon dioxide  (CO2), which will cause a person CO2 deprived if exposed excessively, well this is another example of how metaphoric language was used to simplify something complex. Which later gets construed as a superstition.

2 Why Tulsi Plant is considered Sacred?

It is well established that even in modern science, it’s a medicinal plant having natural antibiotics, immunity booster capacity, longevity, stress buster, and keeping insects away properties. So it was advised to keep at least one Tulsi plant at home to get the benefit of its amazing properties.

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3 Significance of Makeup of women apart from its aesthetic appeal.

(i) Traditional Eye Liner

 Eyeliner was designed as a way applying way of applying cooked medicinal herbs such as Amalaki, Haritaki, and Berberry to the eyes to clean, cool, and prevent them from infections.

(ii) Gold jewellery Worn by Women, bangles, and rings

It is not merely a status symbol but also regulates body temperature and is an immunity enhancer. Bangles, rings, nose pins, earrings, and toe rings were an intelligent way of constantly pressing the acupressure points which helped women regulate the menstrual cycle and ideal hormonal balance.

(iii)During Weddings Bride and Groom apply Mehndi on hands and feet.

It is not only good looking but Herbal Mehndi has an amazing cooling property that reduces the stress of busy wedding days.

4. Significance of Precise POOJA(Worship) Rituals.

Whether it is a Temple, Mosque, Church or Gurudwara these are the places with very high positive energy. Devotees are asked to walk barefoot there as the positive vibrations can easily enter the body. And during Pooja Conesheel(Shankh) is blown as its sound is known to purify the environment with its positive vibrations.


5. Significance of Applying Tilak

Applied on the midst of the two eyebrows on Agni chakra which is the seat of all humans throughout the memories. Tilak helps to conserve the subtle energy and maintains focus. And the ancestors also found that sandalwood powder, Turmeric, and saffron paste are quite effective if applied to Agni chakra. This also explains why women apply Bindi at the same spot.

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6. Never Sleeping the North Head facing

As we know Earth is a Large magnet with a north and south pole. It has a strong magnetic pull towards the poles, living in the northern hemisphere if we keep our head in the north while sleeping and keep it 7 to 8 hours it puts undue pressure on veins, heart, and brain due to more blood flow towards the brain due to magnetic pull leading disturbed sleep. That’s why you wake up Groggy even after a long sleep. So any direction other than north is fine but east is the best according to the Hindu culture.

7. Start the meal with Spicy Food and end with a Sweet.

It is well known that when we eat spicy food it ignites the digestive fire within and secrets digestive juices ensuring proper digestion of the meal. Sweets on the other side not only feel pleasant but also give a sense of sanity (fullness). This is full knowledge of chemistry and body functioning of the body.

So this explains how the so-called “Indian superstitions” were well thought of considering the various aspects of lives. Having good knowledge of the potential of nature and utilizing it to its full extent.


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