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Dab Rig Etiquette – Dos and Don’ts for a Enjoyable Dabbing Experience

A dab rig is a unique way to enjoy cannabis concentrates. Rigs can be complex and require specialized accessories for proper use.

You’ll need a nail or banger for your rig, which can be made of quartz or titanium to withstand high heat. You can also find e-nails that digitally maintain a set temperature for convenience and safety.


A clean dab rig is vital to enjoying your experience, but it’s also an excellent way to keep others safe from bacteria and viruses. It’s essential to always keep a cleaning solution and isopropyl alcohol handy with cotton swabs for your dab rig. You can buy products specifically formulated for cleaning dab rigs and accessories but also make easy-to-make solutions at home. You’ll also want to keep a few plastic bags on hand to hold each piece of the rig and accessories you plan to clean.

Cleaning a dab rig is simple and fun. Isopropyl alcohol is a potent solvent that effectively breaks down oils and residues, enabling you to sanitize your rig thoroughly. You can use Q-tips or pipe cleaners soaked in isopropyl alcohol to get into tight spaces and hard-to-reach spots. When you’re done, rinse each piece of your rig thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before using it again.


A dab rig can get very hot, especially the nail; handling it with care is essential. You’ll want to wait until the nail and its accessories are completely cool before touching it so you don’t burn yourself or damage the rig.

A nail is a metal piece that replaces a bowl in a traditional dab rig setup. It is typically made from titanium, quartz, or ceramic and designed to withstand high temperatures. You will also need a tool to apply the extract to the nail, which can be as simple as a metal dabber or an e-nail, a convenient alternative that digitally maintains the nail at a set temperature.

A more experienced friend can hit the nail if you’re new to dabbing. Otherwise, you could grab too much extract or drop it somewhere it shouldn’t go (ouch). A small dose about the size of a breadcrumb should be enough to start with.


Dabbing is a great way to experience the full flavor and potency of cannabis concentrates. The vaporized cannabinoids absorb quickly in your lungs, so you immediately experience the effects. In addition, the terpenes (the chemicals responsible for aroma and taste) are preserved in the vapor.

A good dabbing session starts with a clean and tidy rig. Keeping a few cleaning supplies handy is essential whether using your rig or sharing one with others. These include a nail scraper, dabber, and carb cap.

A carb cap helps regulate airflow and maintain heat, which provides a better smoking experience for everyone involved. Also, a dabber and scraper help you handle hot materials without getting burnt. It’s also helpful to bring a timer to know how long the nail takes to cool down. You can also use a dab mat to minimize residue and cleanup. This allows you to focus on enjoying your sesh!


If you’re a regular daber, show severe courtesy when a first-timer sits at your dab station. Help them out and give them tips about the heat-up process. This will help them feel at ease and take their first day without worrying about the consequences if they overdo it.

Another essential thing to do is never to grab a nail that someone else has already heated. This can lead to stale vapor and a less-than-pleasant dabbing experience. Make sure to clear the rig of all vapor before passing it on.

Using a dab mat is also a good idea to avoid accidentally grabbing a scorching hot nail. These handy mats help keep your hands clean and protect your rig. It’s not only an intelligent way to prevent burning your hands, but it will ensure your nail is at the ideal temperature for an excellent dabbing session.

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