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Styling Your Watch: 4 Tips

If I told you you’re wearing your watch wrong, would you hold it against me? No, I do not blame you. At school, they do not teach you how to wear your watch properly. There are many ways that you can wear a watch. 

But you might ask: what way is the right way? Do not worry – I have your back, and I have you covered. There are several right ways. In this article, I will discuss how you can style your watch. 

Let’s begin! 

The Left Wrist

Get a watch from a Seiko boutique, and there, you have got it! 


Now, we start with styling it on the left wrist. Officially, you wear your watch on your hand that is non-dominant. If you are left-handed, the right wrist has to sport your watch. However, it is a different story in reality. You wear your watch on your right wrist, and people are surprised. 

For this reason, we recommend wearing your watch on the left wrist. Some people prefer to wear their watch on the right purposefully. It is usually because it fits better or to make a statement that they are different and unique.

However, we do have a caveat for this way of styling your watch. In a formal setting, you might have to endure some scrutiny because of how you style your watch. It will also make you look like you need to understand dress etiquette. 

Match Your Clothes

Next, you have to match your clothes. It is good to diversify and do it by which you might receive a stronger impression. 


For a black or white tie or a gala, we highly recommend wearing a sleek watch. The clothing style tends to be muted when invited to a gala, and the simpler the details are, the better. A sleek design, thus, in a gala setting, can be simple but make a large impact and a chic look. And no, we are only recommending pairing it with a red strap if you are going to wear red shoes. 

For business formal, you can wear something with a basic but classic design. The watch model you must wear is crucial, as it can give others the impression that you have things in order. It is also quite important in formal business. 

For business casual, you can keep things more relaxed. Pair your watch with neat jeans, and it will elevate the outfit! Sports watches are good, too. However, you might make a too-strong impression on others with that. 

You can elevate your outfit with some flair using a watch for casual occasions. For the sporty kind of occasion, sports watches are great. Using a classic watch, though, is not recommended. 


Inward Or Outward

Some men decide if they wear it inward or outward. Some military men do wear the watch inward because it is more convenient – no sun glare, and it is more convenient. It can also help protect your watch from scratches. 

However, since we are talking style, the easy answer is to wear it facing outward, as it is the common way to wear a wristwatch. It shows your timepiece off and allows you to use it. 

If you are in a workplace that has you check time a lot, then wear it outward. 

Match Material

Another way to style your watch is to match the watch material to the material of your outfit. For example, you are wearing a leather jacket. It is sensible to pair your leather watch strap with it. This can go with a steel watch and bracelet, too.


Wrapping Up

These are just some of a few tips that you can use to style your watch! We hope this can improve your style and help you make a good impression. Remember that you also have to play according to the current context of the event.

Author’s Bio:

Luther Abrams is quite a jack of all trades type of guy. He loves exploring new things and cultivating his knowledge every now and then. Today, he grows more and more interested in jewelry and watches and even writes about such things in his free time.


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