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Luther Abrams

Luther Abrams is quite a jack of all trades type of guy. He loves exploring new things and cultivating his knowledge every now and then. Today, he grows more and more interested in jewelry and watches and even writes about such things in his free time.

Date Night Blues: 4 Classic Watches

The phone has replaced the watch in the 21st century. However, the old-fashioned timepiece is still very much worth the investment. Much like a...

Styling Your Watch: 4 Tips

If I told you you’re wearing your watch wrong, would you hold it against me? No, I do not blame you. At school, they...

The Ultimate Guide to Iconic Watch Collections

In the captivating world of watches, certain collections have risen above the rest, becoming legendary symbols of style, craftsmanship, and heritage. These iconic watch...

Solar Power: The Future of Sustainable Energy

Solar-powered watches are a popular choice for people who want a reliable and eco-friendly timepiece that doesn't require frequent battery replacements. Unlike the inaccuracies...

5 Reasons To Buy Watches Online!

Online shopping is much more advantageous than visiting stalls and stores to purchase items and request services because it saves time. To choose anything...

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