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Monday, December 4, 2023

AAP Gujarat Chief Gopal Italiya taken into custody by local police over blasphemy

AAP Gujarat Chief Gopal Italiya taken into police custody after he uttered defamatory statement on PM Narendra Modi, insulted women and even uttered poor words targeting Hindu Culture and Temples.

NCW further summoned Italiya for uttering poor words for women. In response he appeared in the National Commission for Women office and alleged that NCW Chief is threatening him that she will going to pull him in jail.

“The NCW chief is threatening to put me in jail. What else can the Modi government give to the Patel community. The BJP hates the Patidar community. I am a descendant of Sardar (Vallabhbhai) Patel. I’m not afraid of your prisons. Put me in jail. Even the police have been called. I am being threatened,” he said in a tweet.

In his statement he further dragged Patidar community to politicize the issue and spread casteism (Jaatiwad).


Kejriwal led AAP party is targeting Gujarat this year after cinching victory in Punjab elections.


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