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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Bake Off host Alison Hammond reveals exactly how much weight she gained during filming – ‘I’m just going to get bigger’

GREAT British Bake Off star Alison Hammond has confessed exactly how much weight she gained during filming for the new series of the Channel 4 show.

The This Morning icon was revealed to be the new co-host on this year’s show, which kicks off on Tuesday.

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Alison Hammond has opened up on her Bake Off weight gain[/caption]


The star confessed to eating all the cakes in the tent in week one[/caption]


Now, Alison has admitted to “gaining a stone” in weight after eating the cakes on the set of the show.

The 48 year old was called out by her co-star Paul Hollywood for making a “big mistake” during her first week filming on the show as she revealed that she ate everything in sight.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, Paul said “You [Alison] did make a mistake in the first week and went round and ate everything! You said, ‘I am never doing that ever again’.”

Alison confessed to the publication that it was this that led to her gaining a stone in weight.


The former Big Brother star said: “I have put on a stone. I couldn’t believe it. I am literally going running tomorrow!”

She then added: “I am just going to get bigger!”

In recent months, Alison has slimmed down and has paraded her figure after shedding the pounds in a series of stunning and glam outfits.

The telly anchor, 48, kick-started a new wellbeing routine after her beloved mother sadly died in 2020.


In July 2022, Alison revealed she had cut out sugar to help her shed the pounds.

She weighed 20 stone at her heaviest.

At the time, Alison said: “Sometimes I look at myself and go, ‘Wow, I am a big girl’. But I like taking up a bit of space.

“I take a little bit of extra space in the world and I don’t think I’m hurting anyone.”


In the past she has had gastric band surgery and has attempted diets and exercise in a bid to loose weight – and even appeared on Celebrity Fit Club.

But the gastric band didn’t work, with Alison explaining: The star admitted: “I laugh about it and make jokes about it but it’s getting serious now. I am over 20 stone, it’s not funny any more.

“I’ve done diets before. I’ve even had surgery and that’s not worked.”

Speaking about having a gastric band fitted, she said: “It’s actually quite a difficult thing. It just didn’t work for me.


“I didn’t like the feeling of it. You still feel hungry but you can’t eat.”


The star had been on a health kick before the show[/caption]
September 23, 2023 at 09:40PM

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