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Chilling footage shows final moments live-streamed by family of five before they were wiped out in a horror road smash

THESE are the eerie final moments live-streamed by a family of five before they were wiped out in a horrific road crash.

The mum, dad, and three children were driving home in their new pick up truck they’d just collected in Palmas, Brazil.


The happy family all died in the horrifying wreck[/caption]


The serene live stream was suddenly cut off as the truck ploughed into the family[/caption]


As the sun went down, they live streamed the a gorgeous sunset across the motorway as a song played in the background.

Moments later, they were all dead after being struck by semi truck head-on.

The music suddenly stopped as the singer crooned: “It’s gonna be a good day, a good time. As long as I…”

The three children were thrown out of the pickup window and smashed into the tarmac.


Their parents – both dentists – were crushed where they sat in their new truck, local media reported.

The driver of the truck told police he’d tried to avoid the crash, but the pickup “came straight at him.”

Police later named the mum and dad as Ellis Cristyna Monteiro de Sa, 40, and Julio Cesar Martins Mascarenhas, 43.

Their children were identified as Ana Vitoria Monteiro de Sa Martins Mascarenhas, 13, Davi Monteiro de Sa Martins Mascarenhas, 12, and eight-year-old Daniel Monteiro de Sa Martins Mascarenhas.


The crash happened as the family were driving back to Paraiso around 9pm on September 12.

In June, a hero dad live streamed his last moments as he was trying to save his neighbours trapped in New Zealand’s floods.

Daniel Mark Miller was wading through floodwaters in Auckland, New Zealand, when he fell into an open manhole – as his horrified dad watched online.

He could be heard saying: “This is all bad, something is telling me to go check up on the people in the house, so I’m going to.”


As Daniel waded through the flood waters, suddenly the camera goes dark as he fell into the flooded man hole.

Daniel’s father Steve had been watching his son’s live stream and witnessed the horror moment he went under the waters.


The truck’s interior was in shambles after the horror wreck[/caption]


The children were reportedly thrown out of the vehicle and onto the tarmac[/caption]


The driver of the truck which ploughed into them said he tried to avoid them[/caption]


The song playing before the crash said “it’s gonna be a good day”[/caption]
September 16, 2023 at 07:51PM

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