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Emmerdale fans ‘rumble’ Gail Loman’s game-changing link to iconic soap family

EMMERDALE fans have a theory about the reason behind Gail Loman’s reappearance on the ITV soap – and if it turns out to be true there could be a shock family revelation coming up.

Gail, who is played by Rachael Gill-Davis, has recently come back to the Dales after going missing from the programme for several years.


Gail Loman has made a surprise return to Emmerdale[/caption]


But fans have a theory about the reason behind her reappearance[/caption]


She originally featured in the show in 2019, where she tried to attract the romantic interest of Ryan Stocks.

However at the time he was preoccupied with his ex-girlfriend Dawn, who broke things off with him after he offered to pay her for sex.

Now Gail is back and happily partnered up with Ryan, who got her a job at local pub the Woolpack.

But fans believe there is a secret reason why she has returned to Emmerdale after all this time.


Viewers have speculated that she is actually the long lost daughter of Zoe Tate.

The mother and daughter duo left the village for New Zealand in 2022 after a fallout between Zoe and Charity.

The actress who played Zoe, Leah Bracknell, sadly died of cancer after this development.

Daughter Jean Tate’s future in New Zealand was never revealed – so it is a possibility that Gail could be her, hiding behind an alias.


Gail has had a suspicious conversation about the past with her boyfriend, snapping back when Ryan said: “You can’t just pretend it didn’t happen.”

The character responded: “And what is the point in dragging out old baggage?”

It was not clear what the bartender was referring to in the exchange.

One fan shared their theories on social media, saying: “I have a funny feeling it’s Zoe Tate’s daughter. Maybe her real name is not Gail. It’s probably Jean Tate.”


Another agreed: “I think she’s Zoe Tate’s daughter…I could be wrong but she’s about the right age and the history between Charity and Zoe could be a reason for her to rock up in the village.”


Viewers have speculated that she is actually Jean Tate[/caption]


Jean went to New Zealand with her mother Zoe and has not been seen since[/caption]
September 13, 2023 at 12:51PM

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